Temple Run

Luxor might be a good starting point for this adventure lab. In my humble opinion it's most comfortably done while spending some time on a river cruise and visiting the temples by a guided group tour. Be warned: This adventure lab might be slightly different from others you've done before. The header images of the stations are important: have a look at them and find the missing information. You know that you can tap to enlarge them, don't you? Remember, you have to search for the answers. The ALC covers a big distance, in a hot arid climate and you've got to pay entrance fees for most if not all stations. Finally: Don't expect me to explain what the details of the temples are all about. 😉 In case you wonder why there's no station of the adventure at the pictured temple of Abu Simbel: I had no usable cell phone reception in the area. All other stations had good phone service at the time I worked out the questions. But it depends somewhat on your operator. So your mileage may vary.

Created by Destinator

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