Amathus Archaeological Site

Amathus was an ancient city-state in Cyprus located on the outskirts of what is now the city of Limassol. According to mythology the founder of Amathus was one of Heracles' sons, Amathus. The city’s name comes either from him or from the nymph Amathus who was the mother of the King of Cyprus, Cinyras. Archaeological research has shown that Amathus was first inhabited during the 11th century BC and later, in Roman times, was home to the Temple of Aphrodite. As the capital of the administrative district, Amathus continued to flourish until the 7th century AD before being abandoned during the Arab raids. Free parking is available at the Adventure Lab’s starting point and although the Department of Antiquities does charge a small fee to enter the Agora, entry to the site is not required to complete any of the 5 Lab caches. Sensible footwear and a bit of care will be required to reach some of the locations that are above sea level.

Created by ErimiDio

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