Yr Eifl

An adventure to explore the rugged side of Pen Llŷn, not too much of a strenuous mountain walk, although compared to most adventure labs, this would be one of the harder ones. It should be do-able in about 3hrs, including the bonus cache. The Eifl and Gyrn Goch ranges were created by volcanic activity along a geological fault underlining the Llŷn’s north coast. The dense granite which formed has been utilised by humans for thousands of years, from the pre-historic inhabitants of Tre’r Ceiri, to the Victorians and modern-day athletes (yes, you read that correctly!). This adventure begins in the car park and takes a gradual uphill climb to Bwlch yr Eifl, then onward to the top of Mynydd Gwaith. You will then head back down to the bwlch and up Garn Ganol to the summit of Yr Eifl and highest point on Pen Llŷn. You'll finally follow the trail to Tre’r Ceiri and ultimately head back down to the car park. Pob Lwc! and let the adventure begin...

Created by Clueless_Goose

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