WELCOME TO GREENBACK - TINY TOWN, HUGE HEART In 1876, Lorenzo Thompson established Thompson's Stand, a general store located a few miles east of modern Greenback. In 1882, Thompson applied for federal post office. He initially hoped to use the name "Thompson's Station," but the name was already in use. Thompson settled on "Greenback," a name inspired by the local Greenback Party politician. Off the beaten path of Greenback, lies the 'Greenback Castle', a handmade work of art by Floyd Banks - Junior. For the last three decades, he has poured his heart and creativity into this unusual structure, dubbed the 'Fortress of Faith'. The elaborate project began as a way to “draw in the ladies,” but Banks now assigns a spiritual significance to the shapes within the plaster. Although not on our tour, visiting the Fortress of Faith is yet another location not to be missed when in the area. Watch for the Bonus Cache for this Adventure - GCA5C6V.

Created by rambetta

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