2019 World Scout Jamboree Geocaching Adventure

Welcome to the 2019 WSJ geocaching adventure. To participate, you should sign in at the unique URL listed below with your geocaching user name. You will not be able to find the specific geocaches set out just for the Jamboree at geocaching.com. We have included information and links for the cache names in the hopes that you can learn more about these UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Geocaching activity tent (geocache name is Struve Geodetic Arc) is located at the far western end of the Scott Summit Center in the conservation area. If you need help or notice any problems with the caches, please see one of the team at our location. ALL Travel Bugs should be brought to our tent where they can be grabbed by us ( or just to visit) and placed in the Bashford Manor TB Hotel. The TBs will be given out near the end of the Jamboree to continue their journeys around the world, hopefully to meet up with each other again in four years.

Created by 2019WSJamboGC

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