Eastrail: Redmond Connector!

Welcome to the Redmond section of the Eastrail! This spur is an especially exciting one as we will soon welcome a light rail station to downtown Redmond. The ability to access public transportation from the Eastrail is integral to people's access to recreation and alternative commute options while meeting our region's climate goals. Explore this lovely piece of the Eastrail and learn how it will soon connect to the rest of the trail system. This portion of the trail and this adventure highlights the public art that can be found along this 1-mile section of the Eastrail. Built on a historic railroad line, Eastrail runs 42 miles on the east side of Lake Washington, from Renton to Snohomish County, creating unique opportunities for the diverse communities and businesses of the Eastside. To learn more about the Eastrail effort, please visit www.eastrailpartners.org. This adventure is sponsored by Eastrail Partners., a 501c3 non-profit. With support from Amazon. Distance: 1.8 miles

Created by EastrailPartners

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