TN-19 Tennessee Whiskey

This Adventure Lab is one of 30 that make up the TN Lab Art, with a total of 150 lab caches. You can complete this Adventure Lab within the Athens I-75 Northbound Rest Area. All Tennessee Whiskey is bourbon, but not all bourbon is Tennessee Whiskey. While both classify as whiskey, they are not the same thing. Sure, they historically hail from states that are right next to one another and they both look eerily similar side by side in a glass, but to call a Tennessee Whiskey a bourbon devalues the unique process and rich history which causes the spirit to receive its own classification in the first place. It probably offends native Tennesseans too. Just as Irish, Scottish, and Canadian whiskey’s are distinctive, Tennessee Whiskey is a unique type of American whiskey produced exclusively in the state (Tennessee House Bill 1084 [2013]) and subject to the “Lincoln County Process.” It’s known for its light, smooth, and mellow flavor.

Created by FloridaJim

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