‘THE MEMORIAL’ This ‘Adventure’ brings you to ‘THE MEMORIAL’ in Knoxville’s World’s Fair Park. I am: • a veteran • a wife of a veteran • a daughter and grand daughter of veterans • a mother and grandmother of veterans • a friend to many veterans • a member of local veteran organizations – helping other veterans As a part of a military family, I have always made a point of, and enjoyed, visiting Veteran Memorials. I recently had the opportunity to attend the dedication ceremony for the Vietnam Memorial (7/2/2022), here in the park, and decided to share the site with you. As you make your way around the 5 locations of this “Adventure Lab.”, I hope you will read the individual pages to gain a bit of education about the area ( and take note of the honor that Knoxville bestows upon its veterans who have gone before us. On completion of this Adventure Lab, the coordinates will be given for GC9Y7Q2 'THE MEMORIAL BONUS CACHE'. PLEASE show respect as you visit.

Created by rambetta

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