The Dead Talk in Watersmeet Michigan

I was an infant when I first visited Watersmeet. My family is from ‘around here’ and even some lay to rest in the local cemetery. As with every little town, there are tons of local stories. Some regarding memorable events or local heroes and even scandalous villains. Watersmeet is no different and the cemetery holds them all… all the stories… the secrets of a time forgotten. So with the amazing cooperation and permission of the cemetery caretaker, I offer you this fun little walk-about to tantalize your geocaching fix and raise your B. S. meter. All the information presented here is based on truth, public record, and fiction and my ability to braid the three together into one great cemetery adventure ! Please leave me a good rating if you liked this. *Coords for Revoyr updated. Permission to hunt in winter. Please be more than respectful. The caretaker is always watching. Leave no trace. Bonus cache opportunity.

Created by PAMag76

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