ECALT - Eliza Jane Visits Pendleton, New York

This adventure is part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail. There are a total of 8 locations you must visit to complete the adventure and find clues to a bonus geocache! Please join Eliza Jane and Boots as we go back in time almost 200 years. Eliza Jane and her dog Boots have often wandered along Tonawanda Creek and now they have made it out to the Village of Pendleton with Uncle William. Together they will show you some interesting aspects of the brand new Grand Erie Barge Canal. We are here in Pendleton, New York as this is where Tonawanda Creek continues down to the Niagara River and the Niagara County man-made portion of the canal begins. Please be VERY careful where you park! Bring a bike, take a hike or ride along with us as we journey to the history of the confluence at Pendleton! The canal is scheduled to open for the 2021 season on May 21, weather permitting. PLEASE pay attention to the ELIZA clues on 5 of the locations to solve for GC9AQV1, Eliza's Bonus Geocache!

Created by BarbershopDru

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