ECALT- Walking Tour of the Village of Spencerport

As part of the Erie Canal Adventure Lab Trail series you will take a walk around the Village of Spencerport which prior to the building of the Canal, was just another farm, belonging to Daniel Spencer on the Canawaugus Road. First called "Spencer's Basin", it was soon changed to Spencerport once the canal was completed. The busy new port greeted tradesman and new immigrants as they found their way up the Hudson, through "Clinton's Ditch" to make a new home for their families in America's Heartland. As commerce on the Canal prospered, so did the fortune of the residents. By the late 1800's this bustling center had warehouses shipping out produce such as grain and beans. There were 3 hotels, 3 grocery stores, 2 drug stores, 2 shoe stores, 4 blacksmith shops, 3 cooper shops, 2 meat markets, a furniture store, 6 practicing M.D.'s, and a fruit press manufacturer and a sash & blind factory.

Created by ElbaPatch

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