Great Grimsby Heritage Trail

Welcome to Great Grimsby's Heritage Trail which takes you through the town centre finding out about the history of Grimsby in 45 minutes. According to legend, Grimsby derives from the name Grim, a Danish fisherman. Grimsby is listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as having a population of around 200, a priest, a mill, and a ferry. In the early 19th century the town grew rapidly and new docks were created to cope with the expansion. The railway arrived in 1848 and the impressive Dock Tower, based on a tower in the Italian town of Siena, was built in 1851.In the 1950s, Grimsby laid claim to the title of the largest fishing port in the world. Now the proximity to the biggest cluster of wind farms in Europe is providing Grimsby with an important role in the renewables industry. Along the adventure you might meet a Grimbarian (a resident of Grimsby).Great Grimsby Day is 22nd January and the Great Grimsby Charter Day is 11th March when King John granted the town its' charter. Explore more on Heritage open days.

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