The Mysterious Neighborhood of Fremont

Trolls, Dinosaurs, Communists, and a Rocket. That's not something you would all see in just a short walk all in one day... Unless of course, you are in Fremont. Fremont is one of North Seattle's many vibrant and lively neighborhoods. Described as being at the center of the universe, this neighborhood is truly special. Fremont used to be an independent city until being added to The City of Seattle in 1891. The Fremont neighborhood is located right on Lake Union, with a not good, but spectacular, view of Downtown Seattle and its skyline. This tour can be completed in under an hour or two. No car is required. This Lab can be completed on foot or a bicycle. Your Geopups are welcome to tag along for the journey with you, So what are you waiting for, go explore and conquer Fremont. Meet a troll who is eating a Volkswagen Beetle. Or a bronze communist. Maybe catch brunch with some hedge dinosaurs. Fremont is yours to explore!

Created by TheDyslexicCacher

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