Yuma Trivia Pursuits

Welcome to Yuma. Here you will learn many bits of information about Yuma and have the opportunity to answer a few trivia* questions. Don't worry, the questions aren't that hard and eventually you will get them all right. You will also get geocaching "credit" each time you enter a correct answer. The images shown in this adventure lab may not be directly related to the information, questions, or answers, but show things you might see while geocaching in the area. We hope you enjoy this little trivia quiz and your visit to Yuma. *Trivia (noun). Details, considerations, or pieces of information of little importance or value. Trivial Bonus Geocache (GCA451Z) is located a short distance away in the West Wetlands Park N32 AB.CDE W 114 FG.HIJ

Created by S*W*A*G

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