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Explore the Terra Nova Rural Park and Terra Nova Natural Area's rich history, diverse ecology, agricultural activity, and recreational opportunities! This 98 acre site offers immersive natural experiences, walks through farms and gardens, and breathtaking views of the Salish Sea. The park counts large numbers of migratory birds among its fauna. The network of trails, award-winning adventure playground, and heritage buildings make it a very special place. Be sure your device has a charged battery before starting! This Adventure incorporates short videos. Experienced geocacher? Bonus cache included (GC9GJ2F): Screenshot the slides at the end of each journal video to gather all the clues! This adventure should take less than 1 hr. Sponsored by the City of Richmond. Congratulations! FTF Mi-Jo STF vnm747 TTF North of 49, Highlander 71, Jorlee

Created by RichmondGeocaching

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