NoVAGO Moviepaloosa Special; Alice in Wonderland

When I was a kid there were always TV Specials or movies that we watched every year. These days you can almost watch anything anytime but I still like to keep with viewing traditions of holiday specials. Some other traditions like those families that go to the movies on Thanksgiving, now you can too! Enjoy this Alice in Wonderland adventure lab or you can keep up with current times and enjoy this at anytime! Either way- do it with your family then go out for an IRL Adventure and find the bonus cache GCAGJ2H NoVAGO Moviepalooza; Alice in Wonderland LAB BONUS! As of 1/12/24 I added a "may require wading" attribute to the bonus cache that belongs to this LAB.  During flooding, there are a few ditches that could potentially become full or overfull of water.  Choose your caching day wisely.. Side note: Most of the images you see in this adventure are from my AiW personal collection! Hope you enjoy. Many thanks to fellow geocachers for the 2023 Best Adventure Lab nomination, which includes a bonus cache!

Created by ThompsonKickers

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